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Internet security lecture

Author: Ondrej Jombík | Section: Events | Date: 2006-11-03

Bratislava community union of father Scherz (BKZ) in cooperation with non-profit organization Platon Group is inviting you for a lecture about security on the internet.

Lecture is presented with slovak language under name

„Internet security“


Get the invitation
in MS-Word format:
(24 kB)

How to get to Scherz Kafe:
(96 kB)

Lecturer, Lubomir Host from the non-profit organization Platon Group, is an expert for information security. Lecture will deal with several issues why, before what and how it is neccessary to protect yourself while using internet. There will be also a place for discussion and questions.

We invite you at November 7 (tuesday) 7 pm (19:00) to the Scherz Kafe located on 11 Justicna street, Bratislava, Slovakia and we are looking forward for your attendance.

Presentation is freely available on author homepage.

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