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Súbor: [Platon] / games / TODO (stiahnutie)

Revízia 1.1, Wed Jul 7 12:35:08 2004 UTC (19 years, 11 months ago) by nepto

TODO file added.

* better dependencies specification in Makefiles
* fix Mines button click on question "Do you want to play again?"
* rename "dos" target to "msdos" and "windows" to "win32"
* make win32 window without sysmenu
* make caption of win32 windows
- create win32 Alt+F4 handler
* pexeso cursors data should be compiled in only when they are neccessary;
  moreless they should be declared as static in their cursors.c module
- made moves of info table in mines more clever
- made printing of time in info table more clear
- better and nicer mines game quit dialog

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