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4.3. Booleans

All variables in following section should have only true or false value.


Allow users to sort the display on this column. Use true for enable, false for disable.

Example 4-9. Field sorting

$opts['fdd']['col_name']['sort'] = true;
$opts['fdd']['col_name']['sort'] = false;

Stripping tags

If you are storing HTML and/or PHP content in you database columns, you may want to have $opts['fdd']['col_name']['strip_tags'] variable turned on for particular fields. It will strip HTML and PHP tags from field content, when displaying column in table listing.

Example 4-10. Stripping tags

$opts['fdd']['col_name']['strip_tags'] = true; 
$opts['fdd']['col_name']['strip_tags'] = false; 

HTML escaping

By default are all field values escaped using htmlspecialchars() PHP function. However, this is not always desirable. You can turn escaping off by setting $opts['fdd']['col_name']['escape'] to false.

Example 4-11. Field escaping

$opts['fdd']['col_name']['escape'] = true;
$opts['fdd']['col_name']['escape'] = false;

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