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3.10. Languages

The default language setting is the user's web browser language setting. Use it if possible. The following example forces the English language version, and the last forces the Slovak language version.

Example 3-28. Languages selection

// client language (default)
$opts['language'] = $_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE'];

$opts['language'] = 'EN'; // forces english language
$opts['language'] = 'SK-UTF8'; // slovak language in UTF-8 encoding

Available languages are:

CZ   czech
DE   german (standard)
DK   danish
EL   greek (hellenic)
EN   english
EN-US   english (United States)
ES   spanish
ES-AR   spanish (argentinian)
ES-MX   spanish (mexican)
EU   basque
FR   french (standard)
ID   indonesian
IT   italian (standard)
JP   japanese
NL   dutch (standard)
PL   polish
PT   portuguese (standard)
PT-BR   portuguese (brazilian)
RU   russian
SE   swedish
SK   slovak
TR   turkish
ZH   chinese (traditional)
ZH-SG   chinese (Singapore)

Language codes are based on ISO-3166 standard, which is available on many places, for example here.

You can append encoding strings to your language, such as -UTF8 or -LATIN2. If no encoding is specified, backward compatible default one will be used.


Default encoding will be switched in next release to UTF-8 in every available language.

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