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5.3. phpMyEdit-report

phpMyEdit-report extension is provided for easy table report creation. There is often a need for selecting particular fields from table with applying specific filter options and finally write out chosen subset of data (report) to HTML page.

Navigation is easy to use. Field selection menu would be displayed if fields_select parameter is passed by GET or POST HTTP method to PHP script and it has non-empty value. This field selection menu contains list of checkboxes connected with columns, list of filtering input fields and also button for report creation. Every report page has ability to return back into field selection. It is possible to specify amount of records on report page, what is by default set to unlimited.

Extension can completelly work without cookies. However it uses cookies to have a memory, where last selected report is stored. When user leaves report PHP script and comes back after some time, a last selected report should be predefined in checkboxes and input fields on fields selection screen. Detection for cookie usage is done automatically. If HTTP headers was already sent, cookies are not used, because they will cause an ugly warning. Otherwise cookies are used for described kind of memory.

To use this extension simply include extensions/phpMyEdit-report.class.php file and call new phpMyEdit_report($opts) instead of common phpMyEdit class file. Extension specific configuration parameters currently do not exist, thus all table columns are allowed to be selected in final report. This will surely change in future, because table could have columns that need to be unselectable for final report (such as password column or similar).

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