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phpWebFileManager ChangeLog

   Current version is 0.7 and it was released in 2nd October

   version 0.7, October 2, 2005 (official release)

     * added implementation of multiple file uploads

   version 0.6.3, December 28, 2004

     * implemented #248: pre-fill filename during rename
     * all global variables such as $HTTP_SERVER_VARS replaced by
       corrensponding superglobals $_SERVER and others
     * view links are built using SCRIPT_NAME
       instead of REQUEST_URI variable
     * turkish language file added
       (thanks to Gokcen Ogutcu <>)

   version 0.6.2, December 13, 2004

     * fixed bug #281: fix for loading language file
       (with PostNuke)
     * hungarian language file added
       (thanks to Sandor Domokos <>)
     * portugese language file added
       (thanks to Simao Mata <>)

   version 0.6.1, July 7, 2004

     * added several nice icons and new entries
       in the file (thanks to various contributors)
     * undesirable rawurlencode() calls on $fm_cfg['url']['root']
       were removed
     * portugese (Brazil) language file added
       (thanks to Leandro Tappis Pozenato <>)
     * german language file update
       (thanks to Karsten Nordsiek <

   version 0.6, December 20, 2003 (official release)

     * all HTML attributes are quoted now
     * made textarea columns and rows configurable

   version 0.5.2, November 20, 2003

     * russian language file added
       (thanks to Maxim Kozlov <>)
     * simplyfied chinese language file added
       (thanks to Zhidi Shang <>)
     * swedish language file added (thanks to <>)
     * dutch language file added
       (thanks to Erik Spaan <>)
     * added more pretty icons into distribution
       (thanks to Pablo Zorzoli <>)
     * improved HTTP headers in file.php plugin

   version 0.5.1, May 14, 2003

     * fixed bug #79: view functionality broken under HTTPS
     * make code around view functionality faster
     * special handling of $fm_cfg['url']['root'] beginning
       with / character
     * file edit contents in textarea is escaped now
     * possibility to have upload/create file/directory buttons

   version 0.5, February 12, 2003 (official release)

     * redefinedable header and footer function
     * determination between text and binary files in file edit
     * code simplyfication, improvements

   version 0.4.4, February 4, 2003

     * fixed bug with file or directory name 0
     * fixed returning to parent directory possibility in
       directory with one letter in its name
     * directory lib/ removed, file added
     * improved phpWebFileManager inclusion possibility
     * added support for local configuration file
     * numerous security fixes in file.php plugin

   version 0.4.3, December 23, 2002

     * spanish language file added
       (thanks to Claudio Torres Casanelli

   version 0.4.2, November 24, 2002

     * fixed file uploading stuff

   version 0.4.1, October 2, 2002

     * improved file.php pluging
     * italian language file added (both changes contributed
       by Lamberto Isola <>)

   version 0.4, August 4, 2002 (official release)

     * improved file.php pluging
     * new configuration item for external file resources added
     * definedable CGI variables prefix implemented
     * definedable icons directory to have possibility of default
       Apache icons (/icons/) usage
     * more file type icons are handled using specific icons
       configuration file
     * improved HTML output; fixed some bug regarding colspan and
       &amp; entity

   version 0.3.1, August 3, 2002

     * plugins moved into plugins/ subdirectory
     * register globals off compliancy
     * support for file edit and save; based on the patch
       by Robert Paciorek <>

   version 0.3, July 22, 2002 (official release)

     * configuration options and configuration file change (from
       $phpWebFileManager_OPTION to $fm_cfg['option'])
     * note, that features forbid contants were removed and
       substitued by features enabled constants; keep this in
       mind when upgrade on this version
     * plugin file.php by Tony J. White <> used for
       file viewing with ability to deny this feature according
       to used configuration was added into phpWebFileManager
     * plugin auth.php containing basic HTTP authentication was
       also added into distribution

   version 0.2.3, July 19, 2002

     * dirty fix for proper handling filenames regarding
       norwegian national characters
     * norwegian translation (both changes contributed
       by Asbjorn Vaernes <>)

   version 0.2.2, April 21, 2002

     * fixed PostNuke port, file created for
     * new subdirectory lib/ created for phpPlatonLib functions,
       url_utils.lib.php file removed
     * various documentation update, Ken Kizaki's PN-MODULE-HOWTO
       file added to distribution

     * PostNuke port
     * new multilanguage support system
     * startup redirection file index.php removed
       (all three changes contributed
       by Rastislav 'Rider' Rihak <>)

   version 0.2.1, March 25, 2002

     * ability to overide date format in config file
     * support for enable/disable icons displaying
     * all variables were uncommented in config file to prevent
       its initialization from CGI environment
     * german translation
       (thanks to Ken Kizaki <> and
       Daniel Fernandez <>)

     * file size and last modification date support
     * date format in language translation files
       (both changes contributed
       by Greg Baker <>)

   version 0.2, February 21, 2002 (official release)

     * several features have been implemented, phpWebFileManager
       seems to be stable now, although according to TODO list,
       new things will be added soon

   version 0.1.8, February 16, 2002

     * multilanguage support
     * english and slovak translation added
     * ability to deny symbolic links following
     * add striping slashes from CGI variables to properly handle
       directories with quotation characters
     * quoted value parameters of all input tag
     * HTML validity improvements
     * documentation changes

   version 0.1.7, December 18, 2001

     * added parameters into config file to specify background
       color of even and odd rows
     * fm_ prefix for CGI variables to avoid variable name
       collisions in large projects

   version 0.1.6, October 24, 2001

     * finally valid handling of all file and directory names
       (with spaces, ampersands, quotes, etc) and also valid HTML
       references (links) creating using appropriate functions
       urlencode() and htmlentities()

   version 0.1.5, October 1, 2001

     * added $phpWebFileManager_LINKS_PREFIX parameter to build
       links for View feature; if it is not present HTML links
       are built in standart way

   version 0.1.4, September 26, 2001

     * added ability to allow user to turn on/off View/Enter,
       Rename Delete/Remove and Create/Upload functionality
       with focus on security

   version 0.1.3, August 23, 2001

     * directories with spaces handling
     * alphabetical directory sorting (both changes contributed
       by Paul Grace <>)

   version 0.1.2, July 31, 2001

     * documentation and TODO list update

   version 0.1.1, July 27, 2001

     * change relative redirect to absolute in index.php
     * fixing file view

   version 0.1, July 22, 2001 (official release)

     * initial release

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