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Name 5.2
Date and Time 2002-12-10 20:16
State unsupported
License GNU GPL
Attached Files phpMyEdit-5.2.tar.gz (54,514 bytes)core class package
"Apply" functionality has been added to the change page. The sorting system
was completely rewritten. The ability to overwrite/append CGI variables has been
added. Search/Hide/Query filtering usage has been improved. Bugs with displaying
(empty cells, bad HTML, etc.) have been fixed. Some option flag collisions was fixed,
and the database connection is properly closed now. Some new language files were
[10/12/2002] release 5.2 (official)
- section "Documentation" of README file was updated

- reimplemented input field sizes in filter
- fixed bug, when sorting according to non-displayed field ($this->fqn($field)
  is used instead of "qf$field", since second one does not exist)
- fixed usage of real/double key types
- generated script will have all special page elements turned on by default

- added russian language file (thanks to Lev Zabudkin <>)
- fixed superfluous cells printing in add record action
- fixed empty field bug for read only fields on add page
- rewritten size/maxlength input field issues

- fixed bad column saves for particular field definitions and "Apply"
- added database connection closing at the end of phpMyEdit execution
- explicit MySQL query performing using stored database handle

- fixed undesirable <tr> printing in display_add_record() method
- fixed bad hidden input tags position on diplay record pages; they were moved
  before table declaration, so they are not inside anymore

- add "Apply" functionality into change record page
- removed get_http_*() methods; only get_cgi_var() is used for safe CGI
  variables retrieval
- informational message is also printed in display record page if neccessary
- options "default_sort_columns" removed and its functionality assigned to
  "sort_field" option; due to complete rewrite of sorting system, other
  features are:
    - "sort_field" initialization by column name or field number
    - "sort_field" initialization by one element or array of elements
    - cumulative sorting (more sorting column selection on the fly)
- fixed nasty bug: after "More" or "Apply" operation was wrong
columns and/or
  column names displayed

- HTML tags and attributes generation improvements such as quoting 'align'
  attribute, removing 'nowrap', etc. (thanks to <>)
- fixed 'sort_field' behaviour; now works fine

- fixed undefined index warings in $HTTP_GET_VARS[] array in setup file
- improved connect() method and others slight improvements
- created phpMyEdit class error handler via method error(); it could be used
  by extensions as well
- fixed bug with recreate_fdd() call in class constructor
- fixed JavaScript empty form fields validation; JavaScript is now generated
  only if field with ['required'] turned on exists
- fixed bug using htmlDisplay() when displaying empty data for input/textarea
- added extensions/phpMyEdit-report.class.php extension

- methods simplyfication and split (connect(), recreate_displayed(),
  recreate_fdd() was added); it should bring better and easier phpMyEdit
  extensions implementation
- added extensions/phpMyEdit-slide.class.php extension

- fixed language inclusion stuff
- added default true parameter for disallowing empty fields into htmlDisplay()
- fixed all occurences of possible empty fields
- changed invalid HTML attribute `maxwidth' to `maxlength' in `input' tag
  (fixes #629942)

- set default sorting when using ['divs'] in ['values']['description'] and
  ['orderby'] is not specified
- intelligent usage of Search/Hide/Query labels; if there is space, long
  labels are used, short ones otherwise
- changed default language from English-US to classical English
- added Clear label with appropriate filter clear action
- forced graphics/text links and radio buttons to get minimum screen size
- fixed bug, when doing add/copy/change/delete action under filter enabled;
  not proper fields were displayed due to quering according filter flag, not
  according performed action flag 
- ['strip_tags'] option for field implemented

- fixed flag collision between copy opration and password field
- fixed bug with preserving descending sorting during record display

- URL option implemented, now works for images location
- fixed division by zero; listing all is now also in inc equal to 0
- improved ['values2'] support
- added support for ['cgi']['append'] and ['cgi']['overwrite'] CGI variables
- added support for ['execute']

- fixed bug with filter displaying, moving across various pages and performing
  actions with filter enabled
- added feature to have ability to define special options connected with
  particular phpMyEdit actions for items in $fdd array

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