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Name 5.0
Date and Time 2002-09-30 22:26
State unsupported
License GNU GPL
Attached Files phpMyEdit-5.0.tar.gz (40,833 bytes)core class package
There is a huge set of changes and bugfixes. The most important are file structure
reorganization, eval() bugfixes, table lookup improvements, fixed SQL enum and set
data manipulation, repaired View, Change and Save More functionality, and output HTML
improvements. There is also a new navigation option, the ability to select more than
one description column from another table, and the ability to also have navigation
buttons at the top of the page. A few new languages were added.
[30/9/2002] release 5.0 (official)
- improved setup script with appropriate changes in class file; more clear
  comments, cleaner code, grouped options and added missing functionality (see
  `display' key), etc.
- huge code and HTML output cosmetic changes
- fixed colspan errors

- removed `actionStyle' configuration parameter, `navigation' was added to get
  more flexibility of navigation style configuration

- doc/ changes: README heavily updated, AUTHORS added
- Makefile added into CVS; use "make dist" for phpMyEdit distribution

- applied patch from Bill Sparkman <> containing
  possibility to have navigation buttons also on top of page
- fixed buggy more operation functionality
- fixed set datatype behaviour during add operation
- removed empty initialization item in combo boxes during add operation
- new HTML (table) code for navigation buttons and output message printing
- following new language keys are now accepted: of, Search, Hide, Go; default
  values are initialized if they are not set
- Diplay to View language key changes

- applied patch from Shaun Johnston <> to have ability
  to select more than one description column from another table; backward
  compatibility with 'description' field of 'values' array is preserved
- corrected display vs. view operation confusion; only view now exists,
  display was removed; use 'V' flag for this
- array_merge() calls completelly removed due to its strange behaviour;
  see also #575090 and similar
- fixed phpMyEditSetup.php file to work with register globals turned off
  (see #556553); also messages were updated and code was a little bit

- fixed set SQL data type manipulation (works fine, yeah!)
- fixed proper column displaying in table list after record update (works?)
- fixed copy/change bug when lookup for data in other table is done
- unneccessary variables removed from display_change_field()
- pretty HTML output is no longer supported

- new transparent PNG icons added into distribution
- fixed bug with action links
- fixed set handling (see #531091)
- fixed register_globals turned off behaviour; should works fine
- fixed URL/eval() parse error bug
- fixed bug in htmlSelect(); closing </option> tag was added
- german language file according to #524371 changed
- PGPMyEdit to phpMyedit change

- directory structure and files reorganization file names, variables and PHP
  tags changed to match convention
- changed all occurences of htmlentities() to htmlspecialchars()
- view functionality letter changed from E to V
- some HTML fixes and code cleanups

- OK guys, after few months of project inactivity, we are going to move this
  thing on; my name is Ondrej Jombik, I'm from Slovakia and I believe in
  productive cooperation

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