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Name 0.5
Date and Time 2003-02-12 20:53
State stable
License GNU GPL
Attached Files phpWebFileManager-0.5.tar.gz (31,945 bytes)core package
phpWebFileManager-doc-0.5.tar.gz (44,188 bytes)documentation package
In this version, bugs with file uploading, directory name "0", and similar
were fixed. Support for local configuration files and redefineable header and footer
functions were added. Improvements in the file edit function were made along with
security fixes in file.php plugin. Some new language files were added and
documentation was improved.
   version 0.5, February 12, 2003 (official release)

     * redefinedable header and footer function
     * determination between text and binary files 
       in file edit functionality
     * code simplyfication, improvements

   version 0.4.4, February 4, 2003

     * fixed bug with file or directory name 0
     * fixed returning to parent directory possibility
       in directory with one letter in its name
     * directory lib/ removed, file added
     * improved phpWebFileManager inclusion possibility
     * added support for local configuration file
     * numerous security fixes in file.php plugin

   version 0.4.3, December 23, 2002

   Changes by Claudio Torres Casanelli <>:

     * spanish language file added

   version 0.4.2, November 24, 2002

     * fixed file uploading stuff

   version 0.4.1, October 2, 2002

   Changes by Lamberto Isola <>:

     * improved file.php pluging
     * italian language file added

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