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Name 0.4
Date and Time 2002-08-05 02:10
State unsupported
License GNU GPL
Attached Files phpWebFileManager-0.4.tar.gz (34,896 bytes)core package
Support for file edit and file save was added. A defineable CGI variable prefix was
implemented. More file type icons are handled using a specific icon configuration
file, and the ability to use default system Apache icons was added. Plugin support
was slightly rewritten, support for turning off register_globals has been
implemented, and HTML output has been improved.
   version 0.4, August 4, 2002 (official release)

     * improved file.php pluging
     * new configuration item for external file resources added
     * definedable CGI variables prefix implemented
     * definedable icons directory to have possibility of default Apache
       icons (/icons/) usage
     * more file type icons are handled using specific icons configuration
     * improved HTML output; fixed some bug with colspan and &

   version 0.3.1, August 3, 2002

     * plugins moved into plugins/ subdirectory
     * register globals off compliancy
     * support for file edit and save; based on the patch by Robert Paciorek

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