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Name 0.3
Date and Time 2002-07-22 01:43
State unsupported
License GNU GPL
Attached Files phpWebFileManager-0.3.tar.gz (29,373 bytes)core package
This release can also act as a PostNuke Rogue module. There is a new multi-language
support system, configuration options and configuration file changes, and two plugins
for viewing feature restrictions and authentication. Support has been added for
enabling/disabling icons, and displaying file size and last modification time. German
and Norwegian translations have been added, and a bug with Norwegian character
display was fixed. There are various documentation updates.
   version 0.3, July 22, 2002 (official release)

     * configuration options and configuration file change (from
       $phpWebFileManager_OPTION to $fm_cfg['option'])
     * note, that features forbid contants were removed and substitued by
       features enabled constants; keep this in mind when upgrade on this
     * plugin file.php by Tony J. White <> used for file viewing
       with ability to deny this feature according to used configuration was
       added into phpWebFileManager distribution
     * plugin auth.php containing basic HTTP authentication was also added
       into distribution

   version 0.2.3, July 19, 2002

   Changes by Asbjo/rn Vaernes <>:

     * dirty fix for proper handling filenames with norwegian characters
     * norwegian translation

   version 0.2.2, April 21, 2002

     * fixed PostNuke port, file created for initialization
     * new subdirectory lib/ created for phpPlatonLib functions,
       url_utils.lib.php file removed
     * various documentation update, Ken Kizaki's PN-MODULE-HOWTO file added
       to distribution

   Changes by Rastislav 'Rider' Rihak <>:

     * PostNuke port
     * new multilanguage support system
     * startup redirection file index.php removed

   version 0.2.1, March 25, 2002

     * ability to overide date format in config file
     * support for enable/disable icons displaying
     * all variables were uncommented in config file to prevent its
       initialization from CGI environment

   Changes by Ken Kizaki <> and Daniel Fernandez

     * german translation

   Changes by Greg Baker <>:

     * file size and last modification date support
     * date format in language translation files

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