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Name 0.6  release MD5
Date and Time 2003-12-20 20:14
State stable
License GNU GPL
Attached Files phpWebFileManager-0.6.tar.gz (39,261 bytes)core package
phpWebFileManager-doc-0.6.tar.gz (50,074 bytes)documentation package
This release includes faster viewing code, more standards-compliant HTML output, four
new language files, new icons, and several small bugfixes.
version 0.6, December 20, 2003 (official release)

    * all HTML attributes are quoted now
    * made textarea columns and rows are configurable

version 0.5.2, November 20, 2003

    * russian language file added
      (thanks to Maxim Kozlov <>)
    * simplyfied chinese language file added
      (thanks to Zhidi Shang <>)
    * swedish language file added
      (thanks to <>)
    * dutch language file added
      (thanks to Erik Spaan <>)
    * added more pretty icons into distribution
      (thanks to Pablo Zorzoli <>)
    * improved HTTP headers in file.php plugin

version 0.5.1, May 14, 2003

    * fixed bug #79: view functionality broken under HTTPS
    * make code around view functionality faster
    * special handling of $fm_cfg['url']['root'] beginning
      with / character
    * file edit contents in textarea is escaped now
    * possibility to have upload/create file/directory

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