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Name 5.3
Date and Time 2003-04-08 00:19
State unsupported
License GNU GPL
Attached Files phpMyEdit-5.3.tar.gz (51,450 bytes)core class package
phpMyEdit-doc-5.3.tar.gz (151,667 bytes)documentation package
Support has been added for e-mail notifications when a record is manipulated. Record
save in Mozilla has been fixed. A CSS class names policy was implemented, and total
design customization is now possible. Handling of URLs on record pages was improved.
JavaScript and output HTML was improved. Unneccessary code has been removed and/or
simplified. Some new language files were added to the distribution, and new
exhaustive DocBook documentation is now available.
[8/4/2003] release 5.3 (official)
- finalizations, TODO update, etc.

- error reporting handling added into core class constructor
- fixed CSS postfix appending in display_change_field()
- improved setup script to ask user for additional option
  (page header, HTML header, HTML footer, CSS basic sheet, etc.)

- $opts['fdd']['col_name']['css']['postfix'] implementation
- other tiny improvements related to CSS handling
- fixed #0000064: no javascript validation during 'Copy' Operation
  (thanks to Hugues Bernard <>)
- fixed #0000067: when field type is "auto_increment" mark field
  'required' => false and read-only

- improved array syntax of generated PHP code
- removed 'nowrap' field option from generated code
- CSS stylesheet typo fixed
- fixed #0000047: values2 not interpreted in list table when SET field

- ability to have selects, multiple selects and textareas readonly

- ['URLprefix'] and ['URLpostfix'] are added only if missing
- added URL displaying on delete/view pages
- standardize do_*_record() function to have $newvals and $oldvals
  available in trigger files
- implemented ['datemask'] and ['strftimemask'] to format date and time
  fields (currently done only for fields displaying; entering using these
  masks is still missing)
- $changed array of changed keys is now also available in all triggers
- ['URLprefix'] and ['URLpostfix'] may be arrays
- fixed bug in htmlDisplay() when $disallow_empty and !$escape are set
- method encode() was removed

- field type parameter is no longer needed and used; all occurences were
  removed from core class and setup script as well
- default hostname "localhost" present in setup script
- a lot of redunacy and unneccessary code was removed
- class constructor cleanup
- SQL table aliases changed from "TableN" to
"phpMyEdit_table_alias_N" or
  something similar
- patch from Shaun Johnston extended by adding divs[-1] to implement prefix
  and divs[$n + 1] to implement postfix
- CSS improvements in setup file

- several improvements in setup scripts:
  - output source code contains basic CSS
  - by default is page title empty and not written
  - added info about usage of MySQL reserved word as primary key name
  - etc.
- message cell is not printed if message is empty

- applied improvement #0000052 - default value for drop down boxes
  in add record page (thanks to hereq)
- tags are stripped in HTML selects values
- Clear button does not hide the filter now
- fixed filtering regarding to "0", "", "*" and similar
- several improvements regarding to "qfn" stuff
- code cleanup: short functions were moved to the top and some
  unneccessary commets were remvoed or moved to the TODO file
- danish language file was added
  (thanks to Henrik Nielsen <>)

- in do_add_record() changed $vals_ori to $values and $vals to $vals_quoted,
  $values are now also available also in "before" trigger
- read only and hidden fields are automaticaly counted as not required;
  this prevents JavaScript checks for these fields
- fixed sequences in CSS
- better signature for sent e-mail messages

- moving on CSS classes policy matter
- various optimalizations to avoid string concatenations

- several tiny improvements in setup script; many code cleanups was also
  done there

- starting with CSS classes policy implementation (all items are currently
  marked with "TODO-class")

- a lot of unnecessary code removal (gather_*(), plain2web(), web2plain())
- fixed multiple selects usage on add and edit pages

- timer.class file removed, class integrated into phpMyEdit core file
- fixed searching/filtering in text inputs of table lookup fields 

- fixed #0000023: Change/Save doesn't work with Mozilla

- improved javascript empty fields protection; string is now trimed before
  check if it is empty
- fixed set datatype storage into changelog during update action
  (actually Array was written instead val1,val2,...)

- multiple select can be forced now by ['select'] = 'M'
- added JavaScript validation support for select and multiple select fields

- added portuguese (brazilian) language file
  (thanks to Roberto Cohen <>)
- fixed SQL query error check in list_table()
- improved error() method

- fixed security bug - updating/adding/deleting record without particular
  flag present in $opts['option'] option

- fixed hidden field behaviour on add record page

- improvemets of e-mail notifying and changelog saving
- all do_*_record() methods rewritten
- fixed hidden field behaviour (but it needs to be consulted with PME users)
- removed possibility of sorting according to hidden or password field
- get_server_var() method added

- error message printing when language files could not be located and included
- persistent (session) CGI variables implemented via $opts['cgi']['persist']
- fixed password field behaviour
- fixed readonly field behaviour
- rewritten logging changes into changelog table
- rewritten e-mail notification of changes
- some method simplification, huge code cleanup

- fixed bug with multiple rows printing when using ['column'] without
  ['description']; old behaviour can be reached using the same column for
  both options (in example ['column'] = ['description'] = 'column_name')

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