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phpWebFileManager is web file management PHP tool.

phpWebFileManager is file management tool, written in PHP. It is
designed for inclusion in large projects, and it can also act as a
PostNuke module. Its main features are multi-language support, secure
directory browsing, directory creation and removal, file creation,
uploading, renaming, deleting, and viewing. There is also a powerful
configuration file that allows you to allow/deny appropriate file
management actions.

For full information, such as installation notes, configuration issues,
examples of usage and others, refer to HTML or PDF documentation,
available as separate package from phpWebFileManager homepage.

Developed by Ondrej Jombik <>
Copyright (c) 2001-2005 Platon Group,

The official phpWebFileManager homepage is:

The phpWebFileManager project management page is:

Use phpWebFileManager project management page to submit bugs, feature
requests, suggestions for improvements or improved code. There is also
online documentation browser, download central and discussion forum
available for asking support questions.

This document was written by Ondrej Jombik in 12th February 2003.

Copyright © 2002-2006 Platon Group
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