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Name 0.7  release MD5
Date and Time 2005-10-02 00:14
State stable
License GNU GPL
Attached Files phpWebFileManager-0.7.tar.gz (48,417 bytes)core package
phpWebFileManager-doc-0.7.tar.gz (65,402 bytes)documentation package
Added implementation of multiple file uploads, fixed some minor bugs, added new icons
and language files.
version 0.7, October 2, 2005 (official release)

  * added implementation of multiple file uploads

version 0.6.3, December 28, 2004

  * implemented #248: pre-fill filename during rename
  * all global variables such as $HTTP_SERVER_VARS replaced by
    corrensponding superglobals $_SERVER and others
  * view links are built using SCRIPT_NAME
    instead of REQUEST_URI variable
  * turkish language file added
    (thanks to Gokcen Ogutcu <>)

version 0.6.2, December 13, 2004

  * fixed bug #281: fix for loading language file
    (with PostNuke)
  * hungarian language file added
    (thanks to Sandor Domokos <>)
  * portugese language file added
    (thanks to Simao Mata <>)

version 0.6.1, July 7, 2004

  * added several nice icons and new entries
    in the file (thanks to various contributors)
  * undesirable rawurlencode() calls on $fm_cfg['url']['root']
    were removed
  * portugese (Brazil) language file added
    (thanks to Leandro Tappis Pozenato <>)
  * german language file update
    (thanks to Karsten Nordsiek)

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